Wellness Technology at the ONO Spa

High-tech for your well-being

Our unique and highly effective well-being technology supports you in relaxation and regenerating your physical and mental faculties. Make use of your wellness treatments for an optimal result catered to your specific requirements. Our spa team is happy to assist you. 

Iyashi Dôme

Detox with infra-red heat

By heating the organs, tissue, muscles and skin in a deeply detoxifying infrared dome, an intensive perspiration of the body occures and waste products and toxins are released resulting in a healing effect. The metabolism will be stimulated, immune system strengthened, the form shaped, muscles and joints are relaxed allowing the body to regenerate and rejuvenate. 


Light and sound therapy

Find back to inner peace and balance in a short period of time with a combination of sounds, blue light and warmth. Achieve a high psychic serenity and improve your mental performance through a relaxing journey to the alpha stage. 

  • Currently not available


7 therapeutic methods

Seven proven therapeutic methods (magnet-resonace, vibration, sound, tone, music, massage and relaxation) combined in one unique system. The iLifeSOMM Bed was developed to help reduce the stress of the daily routine, regenerate the body and most importantly to help the body overcome energy blockades. 

  • Currently not available

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