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ONO Spa Therapist Olga ONO Spa Therapist Olga

Spa Therapist Olga Stein

Olga is an excellent massage talent.

Olga Stein is specialized when it comes to Lomi-Lomi and basalt stone massage that will bring true relaxation miracles to you. Olga can also detoxification and purification treatments perform for you very professionally because of her many years of experience.

Popular treatment offers by Olga Stein:

Lomi-Lomi massages

The Lomi is the queen of massages - brings you into inner centering and creates a deep feeling of balance and harmony.

  • 80 min, € 148
Basalt stone massages

The autonomic nervous system finds deep calm. Feel the tension drop away and your well-being increase.

  • 50/80 min, € 90/148
Detoxification treatment, e.g. aroma salt body scrub

One of our detoxification treatments is the aroma salt body scrub. This whole body scrub with aromatic massage oil and Dead Sea salt supports the renewal of your skin, promotes tissue metabolism and makes your skin silky soft.

  • 25 min, € 48
Purification treatment, e.g. activating fango body wrap

The natural alpine mud scents exceptionally fresh, promotes the purification of the body through the skin and has an invigorating effect. Deep care, natural and powerful.

  • 25 min, € 48
ONO Spa Therapist Sammi ONO Spa Therapist Sammi

Spa Therapist Sammi Beg

Sammi also offers yoga classes.

Sammi Beg's treatment specializations are extremely versatile. Not only the deep relaxing full-body oil massages will make your mind clearer, but also Panthai Luar, an Indonesian herbal stamp massage that combines different remedies in a wonderful way, will give you a sense of long-term recovery.

Popular treatment offers by Sammi Beg:

Abhyanga (Ayurvedic) - full body massage

A massage that is tailored to your needs in terms of technique and intensity. Targeted grip techniques influence the muscles and tissue layers.

  • 50 min, € 90
Yoga classes

individual lessons or in groups (3-4 people).

  • 60 min, € 20 p.P. (group), € 60 (single training)
Thai Yoga massage

This massage consists of passive and yoga stretching movements, stretching positions as well as joint mobilisations and pressure point massages.

  • 50 min, € 90
Couple treatment with active help

Let yourself be pampered together with couple treatments and experience the physical encounters with your partner in a completely new way. Let our spa therapist Sammi advise you directly on site or by telephone.

  • 50 min, € 90
Panthai Luar (Indonesian herbal stamp massage)

This stimulating treatment technique and the herbs used help to reduce stress while the finest aromatic massage oils provide new vitality.

  • 50 min, € 97
Shiroalphyanga: Head, neck and shoulder massage

Tension and strain in the head, neck and shoulder areas are relieved. Strengthens your sensory organs, nerves and ability to concentrate.

  • 50 min, € 90
Padalphyanga: Foot and back massages

Are you on your feet all day? Treat yourself to a relieving, grounding foot and back massage, which e.g. loosens the tissue.

  • 50 min, € 90
ONO Spa Therapist Ronny ONO Spa Therapist Ronny

Spa Therapist Ronny Reyes

Relaxing, as well as stimulating massages by Ronny.

Our qualified ONO Spa therapist Ronny Reyes is an experienced masseur who has given many guests on the Caribbean islands, as well as in Berlin, a relaxing time. Its all-encompassing massage experience and the still relatively unknown in Europe Hawaiian massage should not be missed.

Popular treatment offers by Ronny Reyes:

Full body massage

The resulting improved oxygen supply to the musculature and the removal of metabolic products cause body tissue pain relief.

  • 50 min, € 90
Lomi Lomi Nui (Hawaiian massage)

This massage will also release your blockages, if present, on a physical and mental level and restore the harmony of body, mind and soul.

  • 50 min, 90 €
Reflexology foot massage

Strengthen your vital energy through targeted pressure point massage of your foot reflex zones.

  • 30 min, € 60
Relaxing head and neck massage

Strengthens your sense organs, nerves and your ability to concentrate.

  • 50 min, € 90

Trust and individuality of the guest are in the foreground.
Her daily goal is to combine a sense of relaxation and wellbeing with health benefits for her guests.
The combination of well-being and relaxation with the health benefits of the guest is the daily goal of Olga Stein.

In addition, our ONO Spa therapist specializes in yoga and offers you a single course (60, - € p.P.) and yoga in groups (20, - € p.P.) between 3-4 people. Sammi's yoga classes focus on physical exercises and positions as well as breathing exercises.

Ronny Reyes is well versed in conveying an exotic overall experience. An intensive deep relaxation as well as the activation of the body's own energies and the release of tension, will give you a long-lasting rest in our ONO Spa.

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